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004 ❤ muselist code

this is a 4 icons in one icon space code!!! i like icons a lot so i tend to feature them very prominantly in my codes oops. this is a more complex muselist code OR it can double as a more compact cr list if you'd like one that's smaller and more compact.

a one column and two column code are included with the one column code below and the two column code here. when editing, make sure that if you change the width of one thing, you change the width of everything or it will skitz out on you. also, if you don't want to have four dreamwidth popup boxes, just imgur four icons and link the journal somewhere or as the title.

she was beautiful, he remembered often, with soft, pale-blonde hair, green eyes, and a smile that set his heart to dancing. she was like a princess, he thought, and he was happy to be her knight, loyal and true and he brought her crowns of wildflowers.

❤ only one

❤ side by side

» Coding is good for 1-2 characters, you can mess with it and add more because lbr you have too many accounts.
» Edit as much as you want, I don't care.
» Leave the credit in or credit elsewhere.
» If you do not leave it in, please credit either [personal profile] poland or [community profile] monarchy
» Icon made by [personal profile] poland and the icon coding is inspired by this code made by [personal profile] chimney @ [community profile] pastries!