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this shit is so simple, i'm gomen i'm not a flashy coder...but at least it gets the job done! comes with four (4!!) variations shown here!

character information

n a m e ➜ Fuu Hououji
c a n o n ➜ Magic Knight Rayearth
g a m etiddlywinks
c a n o n p o i n t ➜ Series II, Volume III
a p p & i n f oHERE
h m dHERE
i c c o n t a c tHERE

Fuu Hououji
Magic Knight Rayearth

❤ variation one

❤ variation two

❤ variation three

❤ variation four

» Coding is good for 1 character, you can mess with it and add more because lbr you have too many accounts.
» To add more, though, remove the div header:

» Ctrl+F the above and remove the second one, or both if you're not into that kind of thing.
» Edit as much as you want, I don't care.
» Leave the credit in or credit elsewhere.
» If you do not leave it in, please credit either [personal profile] poland or [community profile] monarchy
» Icons made by tentacleness @ lj and the icon coding ( 4 icons in one ) is inspired by this code made by [personal profile] chimney @ [community profile] pastries!